Johnny Maestro and the Brooklyn Bridge

brookly bridge

For the last thirty years they have traveled this country bringing their music to you, the public. The only form of appreciation that they know is either record sales, applause at personal appearances or the occasional fan who approaches them for their autographs.

The story of Johnny Maestro and The Brooklyn Bridge is one that spans virtually the entire rock era. It begins with The Crests in the latter half of the 50's, as the marriage of swing, blues and country music was giving birth to rock n' roll, and it continues today, in a period of musical and technological sophistication, with The Brooklyn Bridge, through new recordings, and a stage show that is one of the strongest and most popular on the east coast. In these live appearances, the Bridge takes its audience on a tour through the history of the band and its members, and also offers a glimpse of its current musical direction, all the while showcasing the power and artistry of the incomparable Johnny Maestro.

The success story of Johnny Maestro and the Brooklyn Bridge has continued throughout the years.  Demand for live appearances by the band is stronger now than at any time in its history. Sold out shows at major clubs and concert halls (such as New Yorkâs Bottom Line, Madison Square Garden and Radio City Music Hall, Long Island's Westbury Music Fair, Carnegie Hall, Nassau Coliseum, New Haven Coliseum, Casino's in Atlantic City and numerous Telethon's each year raising hundred's of thousand's of dollars and frequent local and nationwide television appearances will attest to the durability of the groupâs supporters over the years, but also gathering many new fans as well, itâs clear that the story of Johnny Maestro and The Brooklyn Bridge is one that will continue for a long time to come.